Sally Heginbotham, 21, Watford, UK

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Sally Heginbotham is a 21 years old photography student from Watford. She is studying the final year of her three years bachelor course. You can contact Sally at or via Twitter @startwithnothin and visit her portfolio at

Sally what is the background of the work you submitted?
These fashion illustrations are some of the experiments I carried as research for my final university project. I tried to imagine ways in which my imagery could be used in surface design, more specifically here as garment material. In the realm of fashion I am attracted to traditional craftsmanship and classic female silhouettes; haute couture is what motivates me. The research work presented here was inspired by vintage and contemporary full skirted Dior designs.

Georgia Okeeffe and Torkil Gudnason

Georgia Okeeffe and Torkil Gudnason


My final year project is inspired by still life photographs and floral paintings which explore form, shape and colour, like the work of Torkil Gudnason and Georgia O’Keeffe. I have explored my subject guided by the conceptual thread of organic and looked into the similarities between flowers, fabric and garments. These particular designs started as digital print samples I created thinking about femininity, layering and the three-dimensional aspect of my photography. I explored using scanned fabric to create the texture and experimented with composition.

What inspires you creatively?
Texture, layers, depth and hidden meanings; thick paint and heavy brush strokes, translucent properties of fabrics and natural objects, hand manipulation, long exposure photography and screen printing.
At the moment I’ve been photographing voile, silk and open weave muslin to push the boundaries of my photographic practice and research new qualities of surface design.


Inspirational Images

Inspirational Images

Your favourite film?
The ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, for the epic quality and hidden meanings of its story line. Everything about the filmed version is amazing; the visual effects, scenery, costume design and make up. I really appreciated its production value.

Your favourite music album?
I like all kinds of music but I come from a Classic Rock background. Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ is my all-time favourite album.

Your favourite Video on line?
‘The Secret World of Haute Couture’ is a BBC Four TV documentary. Haute Couture is shrouded in mystery but the film gives an insight both into the creation of the garments and the hidden lifestyle of some of its clients. I particularly enjoyed the traditional crafts documented.

View from Sally's Window

View from Sally’s Window

Your favourite blog?
I have two favourite fashion Tumblr blogs at the moment: MiaHanaMura and MadameDeveresHideaway. They both feature different themes within fashion photography: colours, shape and compositions and relation between fabrics, florals and still life.

What does Fashion mean to you?
Fashion to me is like this quote by Betty Suarez in Ugly Betty: Fashion is art. It’s just another way of taking something that’s on the inside and putting it out there for everyone else to experience it. It’s not shallow, it’s courageous. It’s beautiful.

– Season 3 Episode 15 There’s No Place Like Mode

Your ideal Fashion Project?
It would be to create a series of fabric print designs for a line of classic, elegant dresses and tailored suits. I would like to collaborate with tailors or seamstresses and artisans to help create powerful statement pieces. Collaborators need to appreciate craftsmanship and contribute strong conceptual ideas to make unique garments.

Sally Heginbotham

Sally Heginbotham

How do you imagine your future?
Short term I will probably work as a freelance designer / photographer. Eventually I would love to work within the surface design industry, whether on paper or textiles. But I am not keen set my future just yet; I am open to any exciting opportunity. For example I would love to work in Alexander McQueen’s Digital Print department, even as an intern and further my knowledge of the techniques they use.

You wonder…
Visual communication seems increasingly important. I often wonder if it can bring happiness and peace to me as a viewer and as a creator of images, to others.


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