#YourView15 Finalist: Seda Avni, 21, London, UK

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“I love to see how people dress so uniquely”

21-year-old Seda Avni is a London-based womenswear designer who recently graduated from UCA Epsom. With a keen interest in structured silhouettes, Seda’s ‘Hierographic’ collection explores the history of ancient Egypt and takes inspiration from hieroglyphics, Pharaoh’s sarcophagi and scarab beetles. You can contact Seda at seda_avni@yahoo.com or via twitter at @seda_avni and visit Seda Avni’s Portfolio.


Seda Anvi

Seda, what is the background of the work you submitted?
The images I have submitted come from my graduate collection. Its main inspiration came from the cultural history of Egypt. I began by looking at the hieroglyphics and abstract shapes of the Pharaohs’ sarcophagi and translated them for my garments and prints.

The colour palette of the collection was directly influenced by the iridescent scarab beetle – a symbol of resurrection in ancient Egypt. They also inspired my oversized, statuesque silhouettes.

What inspires you creatively?
I am a very visual person so my inspiration is often comes from modern art, historical works and various world cultures. I should also mention architecture; I remember looking through my brothers architecture books when I was younger and feeling inspired by the structures presented. I often use these influences to translate into modern concept and print, and to inform simple yet contemporary designs.

Seda Anvi

Seda Anvi

Your favourite film of all time is?
Although it’s hard to narrow down my favourite film, ‘500 Days of Summer’ has always been an uplifting watch. I fell in love with it instantly watching it for the first time. The whole movie soundtrack is incredible; I play it quite often. I think the reason why I love this film so much is the fact that it’s relatable, unlike predictable Hollywood endings.

Your favourite music track or album right now is?
Jamie XX’s new album ‘In Colour’. It has a great variety of tracks that are perfect for long summer drives.

Your favourite on-line Video is?
There are a ton of videos that I love to watch on youtube. Bad Lip Reading is one of the channels I look forward to the most, it’s genius!

What does Fashion mean to you?
Fashion has always been something I’ve admired. I love to see how people dress so uniquely. After working on one myself, I now understand and appreciate all the hard work that designers put into a collection.

Seda Anvi's View

Seda Avni’s View

Your ideal Fashion Project is?
It has always been a dream of mine to do some sort of collaboration with my brother – the architect. We are both very close and creative so I think we would make a great team. I am currently planning to develop my graduate collection into something a little more wearable, but keeping a graphic and modern edge.

How do you imagine your future?
I would like to pursue a career in fashion design or graphics. Eventually, … when I’ll feel confident in its success, I aim to begin my own business. Until then, further education, working for a job or completing an internship will be good places to start. I’ll gain as much experience as I can before starting my own company.

Seda Anvi

Seda Avni

What would be your ideal internship?
A paid fashion internship as a studio assistant, or having the chance to work with a designer in London or Istanbul. Ideally, I would prefer to work within a studio that has a smaller team, therefore it will be more hands on and a fuller experience.

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Written by Charlotte Clark

Charlotte Clark

Charlotte Clark is currently in her third year at the University of Exeter studying Mathematics and English Literature. She is a writer for the online student magazine Her Campus Exeter. For the past year she has been deputy editor for the fashion and beauty section and will take on the role of president next year. She loves reading about the history of major designers and browsing through their latest collections. Charlotte is also interested in making and designing clothes and has taken several courses in pattern design for womenswear. A few years ago she also ran her own small business making and selling shorts and lounge pants. At present, she is keen to gain more editorial experience in the magazine industry.