Shinny Jain, 22, Zirakpur, India

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Shinny Jain, 22, Zirakpur, India   Top01

“Last Errors of Plastic”


Plastic space outfitShinny Jain is a 22 year old Fashion Design BA student from Zirakpur, India. You can connect with Shinny via twitter @SHNYJA, email and take a look at her website.

What is the background of the work you submitted?
Last Errors of Plastic is an awareness project I did for my fashion design course. It addresses the issue of plastic as a packaging material worldwide that instead of being recycled or re-used, ends up in landfills. I tried to create a creative awareness about plastic production – and wastage – around the world, incorporating this into my collection by using crisp packets and bubble wrap as primary materials. I try to live by: “Act Today. Save Tomorrow.”

What inspires you creatively?
The ‘outside-the-box’ thinking of Designer Liu Bolin really inspires me. His works combines performance art, photography, and protest. I love the way he has used camouflage in a unique way bringing another dimension to the fabric- I really like that!


Plastic compilation


Your favourite music track or album right now?
‘Counting Stars’ by One Republic. I love the lyrics in this song – I think they’re so appropriate for artists: we know the importance of taking the time to appreciate life, whereas others know only how to earn a living.

Your favourite on-line Video?
This Singaporean short film portrays a father-son relationship and possible resentment, and shows how happiness is a source of genuine satisfaction.

View from Shinny's Window

View from Shinny’s Window

What is hot or new in the world and/or where you live?
I live in India and there is one thing on everyone’s minds right now: elections. India has seen major changes this time, as new governments were formed within months and previous ones criticized completely. These were the first elections within my lifetime and they created huge hype all over the country.

What does Fashion mean to you?
Fashion needs to have functionality. If the design has no purpose and is not helping someone mentally, physically or practically, it is a waste of time. Also, I feel fashion should not be restricted by who and what is ‘glamorous’- it is for everyone. Anyone who wants to help fashion improve and move forward, whether for aesthetical or non-aesthetical reasons, should be encouraged.

Shinny Jain

Shinny Jain

Your ideal Fashion Project?
Ideally, I would like to further my project Last Errors of Plastic; trying to redesign the ‘future’ of our waste and enrolling both rag-pickers and recyclers for the task. Having a sustainable world is a major concern for me and I feel that there are some revolutionary, functional ideas (for both fashion and the environment) to come out of ‘garbage-saving’.

How do you imagine your future?
In the future I see myself starting an NGO (Non-Government Organisation) designing products to help minimise the production of plastic globally.

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