Sophie Pittom, 21, Southam, UK

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Sophie Pittom lives in Southam, UK. She is studying for a BA in Fashion Design and expects to graduate in July 2015. You can contact Sophie via twitter at @sophiepittom.

Sophie, what is the background of the work you submitted?
These images are from a compulsory module completed for my degree body last semester (September to December 2013). We were given a list of themes to pick from, explore and use for inspiration to design and make an outerwear garment.

I chose the theme ‘cocoon’ as I thought the connotations of it being protective and shielding would be a great basis for outerwear. My concept was to use simple and structured shapes taken from the form of a cocoon, and elevate them through textures, colour, intricate details and print designs. While researching I found that the cocoon itself is often more delicate and beautiful that what it is actually protecting.

My final garment consisted of a cocoon-shaped, structured cape, with a large printed collar on the front. I designed the print using a variety of different drawings, media and imagery, and produced it using a combination of screen and transfer printing. The fastening was a straight zip that ran down the front and back of the garment, enabling the wearer to change and manipulate the cape depending on how the front and back were zipped up. Inside, I used printed, yellow lining, which was then reflected in the trim that outlined the edge of the cape. Overall I was pleased with the delicate print, strong silhouette and exciting colour scheme which represented my theme and fulfilled the brief.

What inspires you creatively?
Before I came to study Fashion Design at university, I completed my A Levels which included Fine Art and Textiles. I often look to these subjects for non-fashion related inspiration as they provide exciting concepts and fine levels of detail. Also, having kept all my sketchbooks and work from my A Levels means I have a great source to refer back to.

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Your favourite film of all times?
My favourite film of all time is Chicago as I love the 1920s era and the costumes are simply stunning. The ‘All That Jazz’ scene is my favourite part of the film.

Your favourite music track or album right now?
Ellie Goulding’s song ‘Goodness Gracious’; it is really uplifting and I love listening to it while designing or working.

Your favourite on-line Video?
At the moment, it is the Chanel Fall/Winter 2014 ready-to-wear catwalk show, as the supermarket setting is so quirky and exciting, and it relates to the lifestyles of real people, immediately feeling more accessible and intriguing.

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A view from Sophie’s window

What is hot or new in the world and/or where you live?
Trainers are really hot right now thanks to high-end designers such as Chanel featuring them on their catwalk shows. They also are particularly popular around university as they are great for us students running between the studio and sewing room!

What does Fashion mean to you?
I have quite a shy personality, so for me fashion is a way I can express myself and my ideas confidently; whether this is through what I design and make, or what I choose to wear myself.

Your ideal Fashion Project?
My ideal fashion project would be to produce a Spring/Summer collection in collaboration with an artist. I would love to experiment with an artist’s work (a painting or drawing for example) and transform it into an exciting repeat or placement print design. I would look for a collaborator to be as passionate and dedicated to their work as I am, and to be excited to work together and share ideas.

How do you imagine your future?
I am intending to have a career in Womenswear fashion design or in buying. Through internships I hope to explore each and then decide which would be the right career path for me. I can also imagine having my own business; hopefully my Business A Level will come in handy!

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Sophie Pittom

Your ideal internship?
I am currently looking for internships to support my education and would love a position in a design and buying team for womenswear. I would like to explore both high-street and high end companies to see which I prefer and which my skills are more suited to. Mary Katrantzou and Ted Baker are two companies I would particularly like to intern with, as I love both brands and the prints they produce.

You wonder…
I am currently involved in a project that is working with an ethical cotton producer called Plexus. This has really opened my eyes to think about where the fabrics I am using actually come from. Do you believe that ethical fashion is a really important aspect of the industry that should be taught and encouraged?

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