Sterling Lieske, 23, Morganton, NC, USA

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Sterling Lieske, 23, Morganton, NC, USA


Sterling Lieske, 23, Morganton, NC, USA- 300 1
Sterling Lieske, 23, lives in North Carolina, USA, where she has taken Painting and Drawing, BFA. You can contact Sterling via her Instagram @sterlinglieske.

What is the background of the work you submitted?
This collection titled “The Dreaming” was created over the span of four months, during which I set out to create six garments to represent six dreams of mine that I have deemed significant. Each garment is a mixture of original hand-printed or painted fabrics, repurposed materials including worn bed-sheets, gifts from my ancestors and bits from my childhood.

This work helped me understand my dreams on a deeper level. They reveal precious parallels and personal symbols which may have been impossible to see without creating physical versions of the dreams.
The garments provided me with an opportunity to be inside of my own dreams and bring them into reality.


What inspires you creatively?
Lieske_Colorlight_250Everything inspires me creatively. Every speck on the planet and above it inspires me. I can spend hours on a crack in the sidewalk or a wisp of hair across my Grandmother’s forehead. I look to Mother Nature as the supreme artist. She repaints the sky countless times a day, and at night the stars, her glittering paint splatters. All feathers, fur, shells, and bug armor, skin-tones, freckles, and eyeballs are perfectly designed and placed.
The world is BURSTING with beauty, most of which has nothing to do with humans. And then there is the world of dreams…


Sterling Lieske, 23, Morganton, NC, USA- 680

Your favourite film of all times?
Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”. This genius, intricately designed film is still horrifying 34 years later.

Your favourite music track or album right now?
I love Little Dragon’s album “Ritual Union”. It’s always fresh.

Your favourite on-line Video?

I admire the Ted Talk by Sir Ken Robinson “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” There is also the excellent talk at the RSA in 2010. Sir Ken said: “We don’t grow into creativity, we grow out of it; or rather we get educated out of it.”

These talks hit home on an issue that I’m passionate about; creativity is vital to every discipline and is part of us all.


View of Sterling's Window

View of Sterling’s Window

Your favourite blog or website for inspiration?
Hands down, the place online that I spend the most time is Google Cultural Institute.  You can visit museums and exhibits around the globe, and get intimate with works of art and artifacts that you may have never come across in your lifetime. It’s an extremely valuable resource.

What does Fashion mean to you?
Fashion is a mirror for change, for social, spiritual, environmental, and economic changes … for all sorts of changes. Dressing is a survival skill, statement, declaration, and confession. Fashionable clothing is wearable art. Clothing  is communication. To be fashionable is to be meaningful, personal, and thoughtful with how you dress.

Your ideal Fashion Project?
I would like to investigate sustainable and cost-efficient ways of screen-printing. Another project would be to assist communities in need of clothing, quilts, or any other textile-based commodity and create with them functional and beautiful apparel. Everyone in the world should be taking part in the powerful magic that art and fashion harnesses.
Everyone should be clothed, warm, and happy. I believe that if you think that way, it can happen.

How do you imagine your future?
I don’t know what the future holds and I’m content with that. I try to focus on the present. I have faith that everything will fall gracefully into place if I continue working passionately. No matter what job, training, or further education I jump into, I will do it with sincerity.

Sterling Lieske

Sterling Lieske

Your ideal internship?
Ideally, I would like to be working as a full-time artist. Living is research, and creation is digestion.

You wonder…
What artists past, present or up-and-coming would you recommend investigating and why?



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