T23: Fashion Promotion Students Create T-shirts

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T23, a project started in the classrooms and studios at Heriot Watt University in Scotland ends with a pop-up shop on Camden High Street, London.

This project saw fashion communication students explore political and cultural issues through fashion and photography; from sexuality and lost youth to the Scottish referendum, resulting in the design and creation of one-off T-Shirts.

The project was carried out in two stages. Students had first to choose two subject matters respectively inspired or influenced by a social issue and a creative work. In-depth research of these themes was carried through before the students could create their designs. The second stage involved the production of the t-shirts with photographing and editing, printing, label making, sewing and a final photoshoot to present the products. Alongside all of this, each student set up a blog as an extension of the project, additional practical work, as well as a platform to promote themselves and their products.

Laura Ivory explains that the twentieth century phenomenon of internet dating was one of the themes that inspired her designs. One of her prints features a male and female wearing ordinary clothing but with lace covering both their faces, highlighting the anonymity of the internet.

Annie Hall chose to look at the current political apathy, focusing particularly on times in history where people have had to fight and overcome oppression. A key inspiration, she says, was the recent events in Russia involving the band Pussy Riot which became a thread throughout her work.

Speaking to a number of the students involved, Modeconnect found they really enjoyed this project. Even when questioned about the hardest part of the process their comments highlighted positives such has it was hard to choose only two images. Their involvement in every part of the creative process, including photographing and styling their promotional material; designing personalised labels for their t-shirts as well as being on Camden High street to sell their ware was seen as exciting and hugely beneficial.

We think they have done a fantastic job, so pay them a visit at 159 Camden High Street if you are in London before April 10, 2014.

t23 annie hall balaclava

Annie Hall

Alex Picken

Alix Picken’s concept was children of today growing up too fast


Hamish Duda Took inspiration from the pressures within certain societies regarding sexuality

Hannah and Jeannie

Hannah Jeanie displayed that despite having a ‘bad rep’, most teens know their limits & simply want to have fun


Islay Pickup looked at ‘broken Britain, anonymity and youth’

Laura Lace

Laura Ivory

Nicolle horsburgh

Nicolle Horsburgh reflected the current conflict between Russia and the Ukraine

t23 serena portas

Serena Portas used self-esteem as inspiration considering how a person may use social media to make a statement about their personality



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