Thomas McAnulty, 23, Carmel, USA

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Thomas Mcanulty 23, Carmel, USA - 300You can contact Thomas via, Instagram at @thomasmcanutly or twitter at @OhThomass. You can also visit his tumblr

Thomas is a 23 year old Fashion Design BFA student living in New York, due to graduate in 2015. You can connect with Thomas by email at via twitter @OhThomass, Instagram @thomasmcanulty & visit his tumblr.

Thomas McAnulty Fashion Design USA

What is the background of the work you submitted?
For this course project we were told to design our senior thesis collection. I started with concept building and design research. The thesis collection is supposed to be a snapshot of what we stand for as a designer like, whilst being fashion forward through researching trends and innovations for 2015.

One thing I’m constantly inspired by is postindustrial architecture. Whilst researching online I stumbled upon an article about WWII bunkers from Eastern Europe showing photographs taken in 2012. They were everything I liked about the genre: bold, strong, and full of history and meaning.

What inspires you creatively?
I have a love for modern pieces and works that can connect me to a mood, setting or emotion. I typically get a lot of inspiration from music and it is often what sets the mood for my projects. Whilst designing this collection, over six weeks, I listened to a lot of raw, acoustic music (some of my favorites were Royal Blood, To Kill a King, and The Tallest Man on Earth). From these artists I got a personal, introverted feeling that influenced this collection a lot.


Thomas Mcanulty 23, Carmel, USA  - 680

Your favorite film of all times?
My favorite film is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. As I grew up with the book series, the movies and the fandom.

Your favorite music track or album right now.
I finally got around to listening to the newest 30 Seconds to Mars album titled LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS. My favorite song is City of Angels; it has an acoustic sound and the lyrics talk about achieving your dream, finding love and ultimately being yourself.

Your favorite on-line Video
Currently, my favorite online video is a music video to Pentatonix’s song “Love Again.” They’re wearing futuristic makeup and clothing. The editing of the video, all sporadic and shaky, makes it.

Your favorite blog or website for inspiration
It’s hard to choose just one; all of the hundreds of blogs I follow on tumblr and throughout the web are all sources of inspiration. But recently I have been obsessed with ‘wetheurban’ on tumblr. They’re an online publication who blog about modern day culture, including music, art, fashion, photography etc. I love the aesthetic of this blog and the content they show is always something interesting to look at.

The view from Thomas's window

The view from Thomas’s window

What is hot or new in the world and/or where you live?
Having recently moved to NYC it seems that everything is hot and new, but with the oncoming nice weather I see everyone with customized bikes- you don’t have to wait for the subway/bus and you get a work out.

What does Fashion mean to you?
Fashion is a means to tell the world who you are. I think fashion is the easiest, yet most challenging mode of self-expression. How you dress says so much about you and how you fit into a community. I like to see how people wear clothes and how those clothes change peoples’ perceptions about you.

Your ideal Fashion Project?
I think a great fashion project would be to push the idea of longevity in clothing. When I shop for clothes I want them to be good quality garments that will last me for a long time. Take a pair of raw denim’s for example: they become your own personalized pair of jeans that shape to your body by being worn. I find that really cool and ‘a nod to the past’ to when clothing was made to last a long time because that’s all that could be afforded. I would want to move this idea forward by bringing awareness and knowledge to shoppers, as well as to brands that support this idea of long-lasting clothing. To collaborate with someone who has an interest in the longevity of fashion would be a great help… someone who really believes in it.

How do you imagine your future?
I have given a lot of thought to my future but I don’t know where I’ll end up. I know that I want to live in a major, metropolitan city, whether it is NYC, LA, London or Seattle. I want to always have a plethora of places I could go and explore. As for a job, I have been leaning towards the idea of a corporate job, but I know I want to design for a menswear label and ultimately be the creative director of a line.

Thomas Mcanulty

Thomas Mcanulty

Your ideal internship
My ideal internship is where you get to see all parts of the industry, from designing to creating. You can’t get a solid idea of what you want to do after graduation without experience in every type of company; but also learning a lot along the way about the industry and self-growth.

I’ve been very fortunate in receiving internship positions at a couple of different companies. In January I did a short internship with a startup and that was great experience; I realized how much work goes into creating your own brand and collection from scratch. During the summer I have an internship with a large corporation where I hope to learn a lot about the industry from a different perspective and another with a contemporary brand based here in NYC. With the experience from all three of these I’m hoping to get a solid idea of where I want to go after graduation.

You wonder…
Where do you see fashion going in the next 5, 10, 20 years?
What do you think is the next big step for fashion when it comes to innovation (what is the step that fashion needs to take/will take in the future)?
What is the most important thing that design students are being/not being taught in school to be fully ready for the design world?
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