Seven Tips to Win Fashion Competitions

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Fashion competitions offer fashion students and young fashion designers the chance to win prizes and exposure. Fashion – and design – competitions also give students an excellent opportunity to practice their skills by designing to a brief.

World of Wearable Art Competition 2015

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Before we go into our seven tips to win fashion competitions, remember  when you consider entering a competition to read the small print:

  • Check if there is an entry fee and how expensive it is
  • Make sure the prize is of value to you
  • Consider what rights you give the competition organisers to your designs.

Most design competitions will request you give the organizer and possibly their sponsors, nonexclusive copyrights to you submission. This is usually not a problem. Be careful though when exclusive copyrights are requested and investigate further when the material you submit might to be sold.


Seven tips to win Fashion Competitions

1 – Respect the deadlines; make use of those time management skills.

Fashion competitions lead times, the time between the publication of a competition brief and the competition submission deadline, vary from 12 months to a few weeks. Plan ahead, prioritise your course work, but do not leave working on your competition submission to the last minute.

2 – Read the brief, read the brief, read the brief and … answer the brief.

You may be able, in some cases to submit material you created for a different purpose than the competition; this is however, rarely the case. Only submit material that answers the brief. If not, you will be wasting both yours and the organisers’ time.

3 – Consider the entries which did well in previous years.

Is their level up to your standards? How can you characterize the winning entries? Do they share a style or a market? Answers to these questions should guide your choice and design.

4 – Beyond the brief, account in your design for the brands of the organisers and their sponsors.

Competition organisers usually have an agenda for their brands. A Dior scholarship for example, will naturally be awarded to a designer reflecting the Dior’s aesthetics. Whether openly mentioned or not most fashion competition organisers know the type of fashion they want to promote. Double guessing them can go a long way.

5 – Get your peers and tutors to review your entry.

6 – Keep the organisers on your side!

Make sure you have submitted all the material required and label it as clearly as possible by adding your name to documents and file names.

7 – Enter fashion competitions that are right for you.

Whether the prize is worthwhile is not the only consideration. Consider how entering the competition will help you progress on your chosen path. The choice is yours: there are so many fashion competitions!


Find the right Fashion Competition to Win

In the recent years, the number and types of fashion competitions have increased significantly. Consider carefully what you want to achieve, the time you have available to take part and be selective in the competitions you enter.

We try to publish as many fashion and textile competitions as possible. You can find all Fashion Competitions open for submission, listed as we publish them or organised by categories:

If you know of a fashion competition that could be of interest to our community please let us know. Modeconnect is ‘the’ place to advertise fashion competitions – and it’s free of charge.

We hope you found these tips to win fashion competitions useful. Best of luck with your submission;  make it a winner!


Written by Pierre Delarue