‘V2’ UCLAN’s Sundae Best

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The Essence of Fashion started out as a project for the Uclan Fashion Styling and Photography 2nd year students in 2013/14, this year it has been further developed to create a ‘V2’ for the first year Fashion Photography students as a creative styling exercise and a time-pressured group task.

As with the first ‘jelly’ project, Layla Sailor who runs this unit of teaching wanted the students to really think about what makes the ‘essence’ of a collection and how this could be translated into a sculpturable object.

For ‘V2’, the students had to create a piece within a 2 hour workshop after being given a designer’s collection the week before to research. All members of the group had to be involved, and bring an ‘ingredient’ to the workshop.

Layla decided on a Sundae for ‘V2’ as it is decorative, impermanent and difficult to control.  Sundae’s can also be layered, which was interesting with a very textured or colourful collection.

As with the jelly project, the lack of control was fun, frustrating and surprisingly effective in bringing out students’ creativity and group delegation skills.

Layla created fake ice cream made from frozen paint and frosting, brought some edible items and other non-edible items such as fur, beads and flowers that were set up on a making bench.

It was fun making fur ‘ice cream and oil paint ‘cream’ and the only problem encountered was trying to not eat the Sundae’s as they looked and smelled delicious but were full of strange and dangerous elements, a bit like fashion!







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