Vaida Januskeviciute, 28, Kaunas, Lithuania

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Vaida Januskevic Fashion Design Lithuania


Vaida Januskevic Fashion Design LithuaniaVaida Januskeviciute is a 28 year old Fine Arts BA student from Kaunas, Lithuania. You can connect with Vaida via Twitter @VaidaJanuskevic, Pinterest @januskeviciute & Facebook.

What is the background of the work you submitted?
The idea behind the collection was to take military elements and make them part of a fashion object. I started with a parachute model (MC1 – 1C.Paratrooper) which was used by the American army during World War II, taking inspiration from the construction and its texture. I researched colours through observations, gathering information and running with a video camera in search for the “perfect sky” – ranging tones from the first blue sky of January, shifting to the rain-filled spring and culminating with the golden shades of late summer.

Vaida Januskevic Fashion Design Lithuania

The images of the ’MC1 – 1C.Paratrooper’ I used for inspiration showed the parachutes in-motion and I wanted the volatile surroundings of the parachute to be clear in my work. The fragmented sights are captured and reflected in the models.

What inspires you creatively?
My designs are inspired by urbanism and the Lithuanian plain landscape – I developed the idea of minimalism among ancient culture and modern city spaces. It is important to be open-minded and adventurous – after seeing the colours and shapes in a painting or by just observing the world; I have ideas for new work. My individuality is reflected in each garment alongside precise tailoring and carefully selected garments. I used the clothing to lightly cover my model to create mystery, interest and to reveal the charm of her body.

Vaida Januskevic Fashion Design Lithuania

Your favourite film of all times
I remember watching “Twin Peaks” in my childhood and I watched it again recently. I was surprised by how detailed my memory of the movie was. I remembered for example, details from the sceneries and the clothes. I loved it then and even more now.
I mainly watch Scandinavian films which touch on painful topics and will have me thinking about them well into the next week.

Your favourite music track or album right now?
At the moment, Ludovico Einaudi or Erik Enocksson. They help my concentrate and put my thoughts together.

Vaida Januskevic Fashion Design Lithuania

View from Vaida’s Window

Your favourite blog or website for inspiration
Le 21eme” street fashion blog – Well it says it’s not, you can read on its about page: “This is NOT a Street Style Blog. This is your photo-journalistic view into the daily world of fashion from cities and Fashion Weeks around the world.” I do think the most important inspirations come from travelling, books, movies or observing nature.

What does Fashion mean to you?
For me fashion is an expression of myself. Also, clothes are first thing I like about a person. It can be the beginning of a conversation. It is the first look at their personality and their approach to the world. Colours, shapes and combinations… I believe you can get of picture of who they are from this.

Your ideal Fashion Project?
My ideal project and one that I am hopefully working towards is to work as part of a small team with a similar outlook – nice, crazy, and open-minded people. One studio with people working together on clothing designs, jewellery, shoes, movies and poetry. I don’t want to make ‘cheap’, mass produced items, I want to create something real and honest. I want to feel richer- not just with new coats and shoes, but with a greater appreciation and deeper meaning of life.

Vaida Januskevic

Vaida Januskevic

How do you imagine your future?
Hopefully working on the project mentioned above!

Your ideal internship
To learn from experienced designers such as Yohji Yamamoto, Rick Owens, MMM, Jil Sander. To see the full process and to be part of it would be an honour.

You wonder…
Whilst going through photos and portfolios, what is it that makes you stop on somebody’s work? How do you know or recognize what has the power and potential to become something bigger?



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