Vanja Veselić, 28, Zagreb, Croatia

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Vanja Veselić is an MA Textile Design student in Zagreb, Croatia. She expects to graduate in September 2014. You can contact Vanja via Facebook or Tumblr.


What is the background of the work you submitted?
This collection was made for the 2013 “Fashion Wardrobe” competition run by the University of Zagreb. The project had an “experimental laboratory” theme and we had complete creative freedom. The only condition was to experiment with ideas and turn them into a collection of five garments.

The idea behing my collection “lllll,” was to take a single basic element and consider its multiplication. Serial repetition of elements, as a principle of composition, makes empty static surface, the surface of a fabric for example, dynamic – the smallest variation in a repeated element, whether an alteration, inconstancy or uncertainty will contribute to the final design.

Vanja - 300The minimalist, monochromatic theme I chose, was inspired by chronophotography, an early photographic technique able to captures movement through a series a still black and white images and by the sculptures of Donald Judd and audio/visual installations by Ryoji Ikeda and Alva Noto.

A whole garment was created by sequencing lines and layers that constantly changed when in motion. We live in a fragmented, fluid and dynamic city surrounded by pulsating energy, lights and sounds… Nothing is constant – except alterations and rapidity.

What inspires you creatively?
For me, clothing is not just a “wrapper” around the body; it is our “second skin” – not only as a metaphor for shelter but a way of expression and communication. All organisms need an outer covering to serve as a barrier between themselves and the environment. It is only the human being that has been able to devise additional membranes or a “second skin” of our own choosing. I am preoccupied with space, volume, and creating a shelter for the body, and I approach garments as sculptures/3D objects.


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Your favourite film of all times?
21 Grams – I really like that movie because of its strong stories and the scenes being out of order.

Your favourite music track or album right now?
Isis – “So Did We” from the album “Panopticon”. It’s a masterpiece album. I could listen to it for 24 hours.

Your favourite blog or website for inspiration?
Zarez – it’s an art & culture magazine that is published online and every two weeks in Croatia. Their articles always inspire me.


View from Vanja's Window

View from Vanja’s Window

What is hot or new in the world where you live?
There are a lot of young, talented fashion designers in Croatia and that makes me happy. Some of my colleagues work abroad at the moment. Unfortunately, there is no textile industry in Croatia but I am very proud of the talented people and their unique, high-quality designs. Check out Dan D and Zona45.

What does Fashion mean to you?
I approach a garment as a sculpture. I am interested in the space between the body and the environment that surrounds it. Fashion is a language to express ideas in three-dimensional space and in time as a fourth dimension.

Your ideal Fashion Project
My ideal fashion project would be a collaboration with sculptors, street artists, and graphic designers because I think there are no boundaries between any kind of art. I imagine it as a workshop-scene from Bauhaus school.

Vanja Veselic

Vanja Veselic

How do you imagine your future?
Working and travelling. Enjoying life. Enjoying music. Meeting new people. Eating good food. Reading a lot of books…

Your ideal internship
I am currently working with my friend; we started our own brand: “Me and the machine.” I like people who are hard-working and perfectionists. That gives me positive energy and motivates me to work.



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