G-Star The Art of Raw

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The faithful rendering of G-Star Raw production processes through a beautiful animation

The ‘Art of Raw’ advertising campaign by G-Star is a great concept and it is always delivered in exciting fashion. The latest video released in February 2013 reaches however a new summit.

The video goes to the core of the product, describing in a reasonably faithful fashion each step of the Jeans production processes, from the growth of the cotton flowers, its spinning, dying and weaving into denim fabric, its cutting & making into garment, to finally its wear by … a dog’s skeleton. Yes it the Art of Raw! The beautifully choreographed animation takes the viewer up close to the material in a way never seen before. The sound track is a mix entitled “Puppy” created by American dubstep musician and producer Skrillex.

The video was produced by Glassworks Amsterdam. Founded in 1996 by Hector Macleod, Glassworks provides post-production services, supplying high-end digital animation and visual effects to the film and advertising industries. The Glassworks Group teams of specialists in computer animation, digital effects, telecine and compositing in Soho, London, Barcelona and Amsterdam.

Production: Glassworks Amsterdam
Director: Ruediger Kaltenhauser
3d Artists: Markus Lauterbach, Tim Borgmann, Markus Geerts, Nick Smalley, Tim Bolland, Dan Hope, Chris Wood
Flame artists: Kyle Obley, Lise Prudh’omme
Flame Assist: Bob Roijen
Grading: Scott Harris
Executive Producer: Jane Bakx

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