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Prada’s Candy, Jules & Jim and 60’s French Pop


This Prada fragrance Candy L’Eau video, starring Léa Seydoux and co-directed by Wes Anderson (The Royal Tenenbaums, Moonrise Kingdom) and Roman Coppola (who co-wrote Moonrise Kingdom) is the third Prada fashion film we feature. There is no dark force at work here, but simply far too many reasons why we should show it.

The film was perfectly produced and effectively released over a few days at the end of March, its different forms (we counted 8) quickly garnering hundreds of thousands of viewers. Candy is fun and Léa Seydoux is beautiful. The story set in Paris, the city Modeconnect covers in April. Candy is a modern free woman; she loves two friends Gene and Julius, she is not able to choose … Gene (Peter Gadiot) and Julius (Rodolphe Pauly) are men enough to accept to share Candy. The story is a classic love triangle!

Yes classic! The inspiration of Anderson and Coppola is 1962 French film Jules et Jim directed by François Truffaut, founder of the French New Wave. It is generally considered one of Truffaut’s best films. Its scenario is based on a semi-autobiographical novel by Henri-Pierre Roché that tells the story of his relationship with the writer Franz Hessel and his wife Helen Grund. It is also the story of a Franco German friendship before and after the Great war and a reflection on freedom, loyalty and resilience. The film Jules et Jim was an instant success upon its release in 1962 and it has resisted the test of times, remaining captivating and pleasurable watch to this day. In 2010, Truffaut’s Jules et Jim ranked 46 in Empire magazine best films of all time.

French super star Jeanne Moreau is the heroine, Catherin. Moreau singing on Georges Delerue’s soundtrack contributed to make it un-forgetful. Although possibly less ambitious the soundtrack of Candy is also worth mentioning. It is pure 60’s French pop music. Each period of Candy is illustrated by one the following songs: Le temps de la rentrée by France Gall, L’Idole and Il est 5 heures both by Jacques Dutronc.


Le temps de la rentrée – France Gall

Le Tourbillon – Serge Rezvani sang by Jeanne Moreau

Il est 5 heures – Jacques Dutronc

L’Idole – Jacques Dutronc

Jules et Jim directed by François Truffaut (1962) Full Feature



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